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Nisa Local

Identity, communications, signage, environment
I developed the identity and overall design concept for Nisa's new store of the future format. The brief was to evolve the existing Nisa Local retail brand look & feel by making it warmer, more inviting and an enhanced experience for customers. Building on the idea of 'your local' the new brand personality is now more neighbourhood focused. With a brand proposition of 'making a difference locally' a fresh, warm and friendly personality has been injected by using a people focused image style, combined with a sophisticated grey and yellow colour palette, enhanced type style and messaging system with a more functional and engaging tone of voice. The redesigned store is open, light and inviting and has been zoned according to specific shopper missions such as meal for tonight, food-to-go, sweet treats etc. Brand communications clearly highlight locally sourced produce and inform customers how the store's successful charity donation scheme supports the local community. Independent store owners are now proud to deliver a better customer experience. (Designed at Circle)

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