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A rebrand for Exasol, the world’s fastest, most intelligent, in-memory analytics database, transforming how businesses use data. The main focus of the rebrand was to create impact, build audience engagement and enhance their digital presence. A new brand proposition of ’Empowering analytics’ was created based around empowerment, insight and ultimate speed. The new visual language expresses this energetic theme with a positive direct tone of voice, dynamic imagery and distinctive colour palette. An expressive ‘x’ graphic device is applied across all brand touch points. Originating from the ‘x’ in Exasol, it adds richness and depth when combined with imagery and creates impact as a super graphic. The green chevron shape, which appears in the customised logotype, is also layered in the pattern to visualise the sheer speed of Exasol and a forward-thinking approach. The overall identity is dynamic, engaging and highly professional. Designed as part of the team at Dusted.

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