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Exasol recognised the need to modernise its image and strengthen its position as one of the world’s fastest in-memory analytics database technologies. They needed to engage in a more emotive way to sell the benefits of their services to a diverse tech community. Their passion, energy and ambitious spirit is captured in the creative theme of empowerment and ultimate speed. A new brand proposition of ’Empowering analytics’ was created, focusing mainly on the benefits of their powerful technology to its users and how it’s transforming businesses. A vibrant visual language expresses this theme with a positive direct tone of voice, customer-focused imagery and distinctive colour palette. An expressive graphic pattern adds richness and dynamism across all brand touch points. The website architecture was restructured and user personas were created to understand core needs. This enabled me to focus on key areas of improvement in the user-experience, site structure and content types. The updated digital experience is more engaging, effective and highly professional. Designed as part of the team at Dusted.

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